Moldova: Administrative Divisions - Map Quiz Game

  • Anenii Noi
  • Basarabeasca
  • Bender
  • Briceni
  • Bălți
  • Cahul
  • Cantemir
  • Chișinău
  • Cimișlia
  • Criuleni
  • Călărași
  • Căușeni
  • Dondușeni
  • Drochia
  • Dubăsari
  • Edineț
  • Florești
  • Fălești
  • Glodeni
  • Găgăuzia
  • Hîncești
  • Ialoveni
  • Leova
  • Nisporeni
  • Ocnița
  • Orhei
  • Rezina
  • Rîșcani
  • Soroca
  • Strășeni
  • Sîngerei
  • Taraclia
  • Telenești
  • Transnistria
  • Ungheni
  • Șoldănești
  • Ștefan Vodă
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Can you identify all 37 administrative divisions of Moldova? This quiz game will make it easy and learning a few facts about these areas will help too. Cahul District has had people living in it since around 45,000 BC, with two excavated settlements dating to 1300 BC. Transnistria is located in the narrow strip of land between the river Dniester and the Ukrainian border. Ungheni is home to ancient historical villages that were founded in the mid-1400s. For every administrative division of Moldova, there are interesting facts—if you explore the country and work with this map quiz, you'll be able to locate all 37 administrative divisions of Moldova in no time.

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