Jamaica: Parishes - Map Quiz Game

  • Clarendon
  • Hanover
  • Kingston
  • Manchester
  • Portland
  • Saint Andrew
  • Saint Ann
  • Saint Catherine
  • Saint Elizabeth
  • Saint James
  • Saint Mary
  • Saint Thomas
  • Trelawny
  • Westmoreland
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Here's a map quiz that challenges you to identify Jamaica's 14 parishes, the country's main units of local government. In defining the parishes, the island nation's coastline was evenly distributed—none of the parishes are landlocked. Hanover, on the northwestern tip of the island, is the second smallest, with Kingston being the smallest. Saint Andrew is located in the southeast of Jamaica, stretching into the Blue Mountains. It has the highest population among the parishes and contains many historical sites. Trelawny in northwest Jamaica is known as the home of multiple Olympic sprinters. Find an interesting fact or two about each area and use this map quiz—you'll be able to identify all 14 parishes of Jamaica in no time!

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