Austria: Rivers and Lakes - Map Quiz Game

  • Attersee
  • Danube
  • Drava
  • Enns
  • Inn
  • Lake Constance
  • Lake Neusiedl
  • Mur
  • Rhine
  • Rába
  • Salzach
  • Thaya
  • Traun
  • Traunsee
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The Austrian countryside is adorned with many impressive rivers and lakes—this quiz will help you memorize them. The Rhine starts in Switzerland and at one point, forms the border between Switzerland and Austria to the east. With human involvement, the river empties into Lake Constance on Austrian territory instead of following its natural riverbed. Lake Neusiedl, straddling the Austrian-Hungarian border, covers 122 sq mi. While it's a protected wildlife habitat, the lake draws significant tourist activity. These 14 watery Austrian locations will be easy to memorize with the help of this map quiz!

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