The U.S.: City Nicknames - Map Quiz Game

  • Alamo City
  • America's Finest City
  • Beantown
  • Big D
  • City of Angels
  • Emerald City
  • Magic City
  • Mile High City
  • Motor City
  • Music City
  • Sin City
  • Space City
  • The Big Apple
  • The Big Easy
  • The City of Brotherly Love
  • The Windy City
  • Valley of the Sun
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The use of city nicknames is an American tradition that reflects an enduring love for our bustling urban locales. These nicknames tap into each city's identity, either through history, like Austin, TX, AKA Alamo City, or as a reference to the local forte, like when we refer to Nashville, TN as "Music City." Other names are tied to weather or locale, like the Windy City or the Mile High City. In Dancing in the Streets, Martha & The Vandellas, (and later Mick Jagger), stress that we "Can't forget the Motor City!" It's true…how could you forget a city as great as Detroit, Michigan?! Learn why each of these cities got its nickname and have some fun with this map quiz—you'll be able to identify all 17 of these US cities by their nickname in no time!

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