ደቡብ አሜሪካ፡ ባንዲራዎች - Flag Quiz Game

  • ሱሪኔም
  • ብራዚል
  • ቦሊቪያ
  • ቬንዙዌላ
  • ቺሊ
  • አርጀንቲና
  • ኡራጓይ
  • ኢኳዶር
  • ኮሎምቢያ
  • ጉያና
  • ፓራጓይ
  • ፔሩ
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It’s a jungle out there! Memorizing the South American flags can make you feel like you’re lost in the Amazon rain forest! But don’t worry, this flag quiz game will help you learn the flags of South America with ease. From Argentina to Venezuela, you’ll know every South American flag there is, all with the help of this engaging geography study aid!

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