Generate Your Own Custom Quizzes!

Dec 6, 2017

Youtube video: Create custom map quizzes in Seterra

You can now create your own custom map quizzes in Seterra online! The custom quizzes are subsets of existing quizzes. You can, for example, start out with the map quiz "Capitals of Africa", and make a new, easier quiz that only asks for the 20 largest capitals.

Custom quizzes
To start making your own quiz, click the link "Create custom quiz" above the map

Custom quizzes
Then, select what locations from the original quiz you want to have included in your new quiz.

Custom quizzes
Finally, give your quiz a title and, optionally, a description. Click "Create quiz", and your quiz is ready to use!

Each quiz gets a unique quiz ID (5 characters) that is displayed below the quiz. If you share the quiz ID with your friends or students, they can enter it into the search function of the Seterra website and find your quiz.

Try it now! Build a custom version of the map quiz "Countries of Europe"!