How To Import A Custom Quiz To The App

You can import a quiz created on the Seterra website to the iOS / Android app. Note: you can not import a quiz created in the app from one app device to another.

In order to import the quiz, you need to find the quiz id for the quiz. Each custom quiz generated on the Seterra website has a unique link, and the quiz id is the last five characters of that link. So, if the link is //seterra/en/vgp/3003?c=JKTXC, you type JKTXC into the box when importing the quiz to the app. You can also paste the entire link into the import text box, that will work too!

The last five characters of the link is your quiz id.

Type it into the box.

Please note: since the app has not been updated for quite some time, there are many quizzes on the website that are not in the app. These have links ending with a four digit code instead of a five letter alphanumeric code. Those can NOT be imported into the app. Only custom quizzes based on quizzes already in the app can be imported.