Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës: Shtetet Jugore dhe Verilindore - Map Quiz Game

  • Alabama
  • Arkanzas
  • Deloueri
  • Florida
  • Karolina Jugore
  • Karolina Veriore
  • Kentaki
  • Konektikadi
  • Luiziana
  • Masaçusets
  • Mejni
  • Merilendi
  • Misisipi
  • Nju Hempshiri
  • Nju Jorku
  • Nju Xhersi
  • Oklahoma
  • Pensillvania
  • Rod Ajlendi
  • Teksasi
  • Tenesi
  • Vermonti
  • Virxhinia
  • Virxhinia Perëndimore
  • Xhorxhia
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Florida and Texas are hard to miss, but can you identify Rhode Island or Delaware? If not, it’s is probably a good idea to brush up on your geography facts and play this map quiz game. Once you’re finished, you will be ready to compete in the geography bee!

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