西非:首都 - Map Quiz Game

  • 亚穆苏克罗
  • 努瓦克肖特
  • 尼亚美
  • 巴马科
  • 弗里敦
  • 比绍
  • 波多诺伏
  • 洛美
  • 班珠尔
  • 瓦加杜古
  • 科纳克里
  • 蒙罗维亚
  • 达喀尔
  • 阿克拉
  • 阿布贾
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Lagos is the biggest city in Africa, but it is not the capital city of Nigeria. Abidjan is the second biggest capital city in West Africa. This free map quiz game is a great way to increase student engagement when trying to learn these and other geography facts. Let them challenge each other see who can get the most right!

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