大洋洲:国家和地区的首都 - Map Quiz Game

  • 亚伦
  • 亚当斯敦
  • 努库阿洛法
  • 努美阿
  • 南塔拉瓦
  • 塞班岛
  • 富纳富提
  • 帕利基尔
  • 帕果帕果
  • 帕皮提
  • 恩吉鲁穆德
  • 维拉港
  • 苏瓦
  • 莫尔兹比港
  • 阿加尼亚
  • 阿洛菲
  • 阿瓦鲁阿
  • 阿皮亚
  • 霍尼亚拉
  • 马塔乌图
  • 马朱罗
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Although the islands of Oceania themselves are quite small, the distances between them can reach thousands of miles. Not only are they difficult to access, some of the capital cities are difficult to pronounce, like Nuku'alofa and Hagåtña. Once you get there, however, the islands of Oceania are often referred to as heaven on Earth, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

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