埃塞俄比亚:地区州与特许市 - Map Quiz Game

  • South West Ethiopia Region
  • 亚的斯亚贝巴
  • 哈拉利
  • 埃塞俄比亚南方州
  • 奥罗米亚
  • 提格雷
  • 甘贝拉
  • 索马里
  • 蒂尔达瓦
  • 西达摩
  • 贝尼尚古尔-古木兹
  • 阿姆哈拉
  • 阿法尔
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Ethiopia is divided into 10 regional states and two chartered cities, which this map quiz will challenge you to identify. The Tigray regional state in the north is home to Mekelle, its capital and largest city. In Gambela you'll find the sprawling Gambela National Park, which covers about 17% of the regional state's territory. Dire Dawa is one of the two chartered cities; the other is the Ethiopian national capital, Addis Ababa. Oromia has the highest regional state population; Harari has the lowest. It's easy to find interesting geographical facts about the regional states and chartered cities of Ethiopia—find some more and use the quiz game to become an Ethiopia expert!

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