巴西:城市(困难版) - Map Quiz Game

  • 乌贝兰迪亚
  • 圣保罗
  • 圣路易斯
  • 坎皮纳斯
  • 大坎普
  • 巴西利亚
  • 库亚巴
  • 库里蒂巴
  • 弗洛里亚诺波利斯
  • 戈亚尼亚
  • 特雷西娜
  • 福塔莱萨
  • 累西腓
  • 纳塔尔
  • 维多利亚
  • 萨尔瓦多
  • 贝伦
  • 贝洛奥里藏特
  • 里约热内卢
  • 里贝朗普雷图
  • 阿雷格里港
  • 隆德里纳
  • 马塞约
  • 马瑙斯
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Here's a map quiz that challenges you to identify 24 Brazilian cities. Rio de Janeiro is the birthplace of the remarkable jazz musician, Antônio Carlos Jobim. In Natal is the star-shaped Forte dos Reis Magos, a Portuguese fortress that dates to the 16th-century. Each of these cities has a unique history and notable features—if you explore Brazil and work with this map quiz, you'll be able to locate all 24 of these cities in no time.

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