赞比亚:省 - Map Quiz Game

  • 东部省
  • 中部省
  • 北部省
  • 南部省
  • 卢萨卡
  • 卢阿普拉
  • 穆钦加
  • 西北部省
  • 西部省
  • 铜带省
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Here's a map quiz that challenges you to identify the 10 provinces of Zambia. Central Province is home to the Mulungushi Rock of Authority, over 22 million acres of forest, and a national park. To the north lies the Copperbelt Province, an important, mineral-rich area. Lusaka Province, the smallest in Zambia, contains the nation's capital city of Lusaka and is the most populous province. By collecting notable facts about each province and working with this quiz, you can memorize the provinces of Zambia with ease!

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