纳米比亚:区 - Map Quiz Game

  • 卡万戈东部
  • 卡万戈西部
  • 卡拉斯
  • 哈达
  • 埃龙戈
  • 奥乔宗朱帕
  • 奥亨韦纳
  • 奥希科托
  • 奥沙娜
  • 奥穆萨蒂
  • 奥马赫克
  • 库内
  • 赞比西
  • 霍马斯
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Namibia is divided into 14 regions and this map quiz can help you memorize where each one falls on the map. Khomas, named for the Khomas Highland, a high plateau landscape that dominates the area, is one of only three Namibian regions to have no shoreline or foreign border. Omaheke, on the eastern border of Namibia, includes part of the Kalahari Desert. Hardap, home to the Hardap Dam, spans the width of Namibia, from the Atlantic Ocean to the country's eastern border. Namibia is a fascinating country—explore memorable details and use this map quiz to become an expert on the regions of Namibia.

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