An tIar-Aontas Soivéideach: Tíortha - Map Quiz Game

  • An Airméin
  • An Asarbaiseáin
  • An Bhealarúis
  • An Chasacstáin
  • An Chirgeastáin
  • An Eastóin
  • An Laitvia
  • An Liotuáin
  • An Mholdóiv
  • An Rúis
  • An Tuircméanastáin
  • An Táidsíceastáin
  • An tSeoirsia
  • An Úcráin
  • An Úisbéiceastáin
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Before it broke up in 1991, the USSR was by far the largest country in the world. While Russia is still the biggest, the 14 other republics are relatively small by comparison. This teaching tool is a great way to learn more about former Soviet Union. Have students play this free map quiz game as an introduction to the unit. Once they are finished, they will be in a better position to learn all about the former USSR.

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