Asië: Fisiese Landmerke - Map Quiz Game

  • Amur (Heilong Jiang)
  • Arabiese See
  • Arabiese Skiereiland
  • Arktiese Oseaan
  • Baai van Bengaal
  • Baikalmeer
  • Beringsee
  • Beringstraat
  • Borneo
  • Ganjes
  • Geel Rivier (Huang He)
  • Himalajas
  • Indiese Oseaan
  • Indus
  • Jangtse (Chang Jiang)
  • Japanse See (Oossee)
  • Kamchatka Skiereiland
  • Kaspiese See
  • Lena
  • Mekong
  • Ob
  • Oeral Gebergtes
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Persiese Golf
  • Siberië
  • Sumatra
  • Taiwan
  • Volga
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The Asian landmass is the largest in the world and contains a huge variety of physical features. In China and India, rivers flowing along fertile agricultural plains have served thriving civilizations for thousands of years. The region also has the Himalayan Mountain range which contains the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, as well as many of the world’s other tallest peaks.

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